Monday, December 31, 2012

The Prediction is Coming True!

Back in January, I predicted that 2012 might be the year of no more diapers (during daytime).  As the end of 2012 drew nearer and nearer, I didn't think it was going to happen:  I hadn't started potty training Dominik yet, and I had no expectations that he would potty train as quickly as Konrad did (basically, inside a week).

But with Jordana spending three months with us, I figured Christmas break would be a good time to start potty training, and Jordana could continue with Dominik when homeschool started again (as you can imagine, it's hard to think about potty training while also teaching third grade and Kindergarten).

So one of Dominik's Christmas gifts was a whole set of underwear, training pants, etc.  The plastic-covered training pants were TOO BIG for my skinny little boy, but the Toy Story underwear and cloth training pants were the right size and a big hit with Dominik.  If you can believe it, I actually put him in underwear for a for a few hours on Christmas...and he promptly wet four or five pairs of jeans before we went back to a diaper.  Dominik is very excited to sit on the toilet and eliminate, but he doesn't let it all out, and he didn't have the sense of keeping himself dry.

December 25:  a few hours.  Then we tried again most of the morning on December 27...lots of successes, but also 6 or 7 wet pants (he doesn't quite get the concept of letting everything out).  Ok, we're out of pants, so back to diapers for the rest of the day (and, we had guests over for lunch!).

Fast forward to December 31.  Christmas break is speeding away from me, and not much practice for Dominik yet before we start school again next week!  I had been rewarding him with a special sticker every time he went (which he was very excited to get) I decided to up the ante to a chocolate piece every time he's dry and he pees.

What a difference chocolate makes!

Suddenly he's telling me that he wants to go to the toilet!  I say, "Ok, but since it's 3 minutes from the last time, you don't get another chocolate."  That's ok with him...he still goes a little...but how exciting to have HIM initiating the trip!

He stayed dry all afternoon and evening...until a number 2 accident at the end of the day.  But after two other days with lots of wet accidents, it's exciting to see him making such progress.

All because of chocolate.  He's ready to stay in underwear all day now.  There will be accidents, but it's clicked with him.  Two years and eight months old!  I just realized that's the same age as Konrad was.

Now I need to get a bag of M&Ms, because the smallest chocolate I have is Hershey's kisses...sort of a large dose of chocolate for going pee every 15 minutes.

2012...the year of no more diapers...on the last day of the year!

Happy New Year!  Happy 2013...the true year of no more diapers at The Happy Ones!

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Sawyer said...

Way to go Dominik!