Thursday, October 7, 2010

Neurology appointment

Hey, we were down to only three specialists, so it was time to add another, right?

Today was Natalie's first neurology appointment, after her abnormal EEG a few weeks ago.  First off, as one who has been to many more doctor appointments than the average mom, I was amazed at the happiness of the staff at the neurology clinic.  Usually there will be one or maybe two people who are friendly and happy and smiling, and everyone else treats you politely but with no extra smile.  At this clinic, EVERYONE was happy and smiling.  I told Tom when we got home, then wondered if everyone had just received a raise or something!  Anyway, it was a pleasure to be a patient in such a friendly office.  And we didn't have to wait an hour or two before seeing the doctor.

Natalie met her neurologist, who said that based on Natalie's EEG and what I told her about Natalie's episodes, she believes Natalie is having absence seizures, and recommends medication.  She answered my questions, which were few, and then asked, "Are you ok?"  I told her the hard part was when Natalie was born, learning she was a special needs child.  Since then, every new thing that has come along has been able to be solved by modern medicine.  I think they're used to people being very upset that their child is having seizures.  Don't get me wrong, I think I might freak out if Natalie has a grand mal seizure, but what we've seen so far hasn't been scary enough to make me too upset.

Natalie's starting with low doses of Keppra and gradually increasing.  We have to keep a log of her seizures (which half the time are so short I'm not sure if they were anything at all) and bring it back to her follow-up appointment in five weeks.  The hardest part will be remembering to give the medicine to Natalie at a set time each day, twice a day. And we have to watch for side effects, which could be behavioral...but apparently vitamin B6 cures that.  A new path...


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Hoping you never see a grand mal seizure, and this is the worst of it!

Kristi said...

Me too! Glad you at least had a pleasant visit.