Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I guess there are a lot of words to describe what happened in Tom's epiphyllum pot a few weeks ago, but this is the one I picked.  You may remember from last year that a dove pair nested in this pot three times in one summer, producing two chicks each time (not that all six lived to adult hood, but I think all six lived to jump out of the nest).

Tom, being the respecter of God's creation that he is, turned the water off to the plant all summer, so the doves would have a dry nest.  But that's not so great for his epiphyllum, so Lukas had the brilliant idea of putting plastic forks in the nest to keep them from nesting there this summer.

It didn't work.

Doesn't she look uncomfortable?  I guess the nest is so safe that her mothering instinct told her that the discomfort is worth enduring for the safety of her chicks.

Next year?  More forks!

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Jessica said...

I think she is one smart bird nesting with such an amazing family!!!!